Sunday, 8 December 2013

Concept and Ideation - Project 3

Yuletide Project 

The third project that was set within the concept and ideation unit was to create a brand image for a business which a someone was setting up. Within in the brief it stated that we had to incorporate the following things: a business name, a logo design (which had to be suitable for screen and print) and a splash page which showcased the brand. 

The first thing that me and the other members of the team did was firstly to decide what the business name would be. After some time of discussing possible names and checking whether they were available to use through and Companies House and also whether the business name could be used within a website domain name, we decided on the name of Xmas Shopper. We decided on this name due to the fact that from the information that we had gained from about the business idea, this name best described what the business did. 

Once we had decided on the business name, we began coming up with ideas for the logo design (which can be seen above) and the splash page. We also decided that we wanted to create a home page for the website so that the client would get a good feel of what we were trying to do with the brand. 

The first of these things to be completed was the logo, which we all believe would be very effective. This was due to the fact that it would be easily used within a website or an application as well as any form of print media. We also believed that the simplicity of simply putting the 'R' within the christmas tree was effective due to the fact that the rest of the logo could be removed and just keep the R and there would still be a strong brand logo. 

The next aspect of the project that was completed was the splash page. To showcase the brand on the splash page we though it would appropriate to have a short video on the page, which clearly defined what the business does and also incorporated the fact that the business does plan to donate a percentage of their profits to charity. Although we believed that this was a good idea there were some downsides to the idea. One of them being the capability on smaller devices. This is because on some devices such as smartphones the video would not automatically play which means that some users would simply skip the video and thus make the page redundant. 

Once the splash page was created, we proceeded to create the home page of the website. We kept a simple design in the webpage by having navigation bar at the top of the page, along with a search bar. There would also be a basket feature in the top right hand corner of the webpage which would display what  items the customer was buying. We felt that by keeping the site simple it would be much more effective due to the fact that the users would be easily be able to find what they were looking for. 

Once the main content for the project was created we began looking at other thing within the brief that would aid our idea. We decided that the brand should have a Facebook page, due to the fact that the business would be able to reach a very large amount of people through it and would be able to tailer their advertising to specific people. Along with that we also created a design for an application. This is because within the brief it stated that there we needed to be room for future development into other formats so we believed that having an application design would be a good idea because many people have smart phones and having compatible applications for those devices means that the business would be able to reach more people. 

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