Friday, 20 December 2013


Do they want to much information?

Recently application developers have come in for some criticism from the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) for the amount of information that they are having access to. This criticism has come from the ICO after some people have claimed that the developers are not being clear enough with the information that they are allowing them to have access to and how they are using it. 

ICO have said that they would like for many developers to make it more clear to users what information they will be accessing and how they will be using. The timing of this warning/piece of advice, is strange with Christmas typically being the most busy day within the UK for the downloading of applications, with 320 million applications being downloaded last Christmas. 

However even though the timing of the ICO saying this is slightly strange the fact remains that they do have a point in what they are saying. This is because in even though the application industry is one of the fastest growing industries within the UK, it is believed that at least half of application users have rejected installing an application due to privacy encroachment. I put myself in that statisic due to the fact that I have reject a few applications due to the information that they want access to. So this leads me to the point which is that  i agree with the ICO that developers need to be more specifc in why they need access gto certain information, because if clearly explained why they need and will use the information, I know that me and many other people would allow the application to be installed. That in turn will mean to more applications being installed, which can only help the growth of a truly great industry.  

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