Saturday, 4 January 2014

Michael Gove - Blackadder

Is Blackadder left wing?

Although I am digital media design student, I did study government and politics at A-level and do have a bit of a passion for politics. Therefore within in this blog I will occasionally post about politics as, one I like to talk about politics, and two I believe that the media and politics are very closely aligned, in that one affects the other. 

Well as you can see from the title this post will regard Michael Gove's statement that Blackadder promoted left wing myths about war. Now before I start what will appear to be a bit of rant regarding Michael Gove, I feel that it is important to state that I do not support a specific party, and do not believe that someone should be underpinned by a specific ideology. 

However to the original point which is what Michael Gove has stated that Blackadder promoted left wing myths about war. This is a statement which I greatly disagree with and I believe that this statement from Gove sums the man up slightly, in that if anyone slightly disagrees with him he brands them a left wing communist. Gove has said that "Left-wing academics all too happy to feed those myths by attacking Britain’s role in the conflict". Gove's statement is in so many degrees incorrect. In my view Blackadder promoted one thing about world war one and war in general, that war in almost every case is a pointless and horrific thing. The image below is statement from Harry Patch the last surviving solider from World War 1 and I believe that it sums up war better than any politician has ever done. 


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