Friday, 31 January 2014

Portfolio Website

Marked Feedback

I have just received the feedback from my lecturers for the portfolio website that I have created. From the feedback that they provided the issues that I thought would appear, such as the footer not being fitted properly, and that the website was really simple have appeared in the feedback. However some there was also some positive feedback from my website, such as they felt that the colour scheme that was very nice, although quite simple. They also felt that the logo that I had created was a good way to show that I was creating a image/brand for myself. 

However despite the fact that I have received some positive feedback on my website I am going to remake the website from scratch. The reason that I am going to remake the website is because firstly I dislike the website that I made quite greatly, which is not great because how are other people meant to like my work if I, the person that created doesn't even like it. The second reason is that in the weeks since I have created the website I have learned new techniques which will make the website look and feel a lot more professional and showcase my work a lot more effectively. 

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