Monday, 13 January 2014

Portfolio Feedback

A new design 

From the feedback that I have received from my other course members, I have created a new design for my website. One of the things that I will be changing is the use of space in that I will be using much more of it and not having spaces at the top and the bottom. Another thing that will be changed within the new website is that there will be a changed colour scheme which will use less saturated colours. Along with that another design issue that will be changed is that fact that some people said that the rest of the website apart from the home page was boring, therefore more images will be placed on other pages of the website. 

One of the other key things that I will be changing within the new website is that I will be ensuring that the site is styled using percentages as this will ensure that on different sized screens the features of the website will change and keep the same layout. This will prevent the issue that I had within the previous website. 

There are some aspects of the first portfolio website that I will be retaining. These aspects are the email form that I had within the first website. This is because the email form work perfectly within the first site and there would be no need to change it. Along with that the home page of the new portfolio site will again contain an automatic slideshow as this was one of the aspects of the first website that received the most positive pieces of feedback. The final aspect of the website that will not be changed is the design of the logo. However the colour scheme of the logo will be changed in accordance with the new colour scheme of the website. 

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