Wednesday, 29 January 2014

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Video ideas

Today we had another team meeting to clarify the ideas for the videos and the brand. We have decided that we will not be continuing the I'm Possible brand and logo, which has been mentioned in previous meetings. We have decided that we would not be continuing with brand and logo due to the fact that we feel that the name I'm Possible does not have anything to travel, and therefore does not meet the brief of having a strong brand image. We have not yet decided on another name for the brand however the name Time Frame has been mentioned with that likely to be the name for the brand. 

Along with changing the name of the brand we have also clarified the ideas for the videos. We have decided that we would be creating 4 videos which would each be between 1 minute and 1 and half minutes. The 4 videos will be focusing on:
  • Time travel 
  • Teleportation 
  • Hover boards 
  • Portals 
We have decided that we would be stopping with the idea of having videos based on jet packs and tube travel. We have decided to stop these ideas for many different reasons, one being that we feel that they would be far to hard to film and edit, which makes them unrealistic ideas. We also felt that having less videos would allow for more content within the videos that we will be creating which would mean that the quality of videos that we will be making can much better. 

From the meeting we had, we then had to present the ideas that we had come up with to the two lectures that would be marking the project. They had suggested ways in which we could make life easier for ourselves by suggesting that when we are filming that we should manipulate the camera to create the illusions that we want, instead of relying on the editing of it. They also suggested that it will be the audio that will be key to creating the illusion of futuristic travel. However the lectures were not overly happy with the idea of having spoof type videos, but when Callum (member of our team) suggested the idea of having a hybrid between a news channel and the Gadget Show, they seemed to think that it was a good idea. Along with that they also suggested that if are to film it as news channel  that we should have a more American style news show, as they feel that the way in which American news channels are presented would be much more interesting to the way news channels are presented here in the UK. The final point which they made was that we should attempt to get some actors for our videos. They said that this would be beneficial to us as it would allow more of the team to be focused on the production aspect rather than the acting side of the videos. 

With the feedback that we received from our lecturers we believe that we are in a situation in which we can comfortably film our videos and make them look realistic. This means that filming for the videos should be starting within a week, depending on when will be allowed to take the equipment and have access to the green screen room. The plan for the website should also be finished soon, which means that the construction of it will begin soon as well. 

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