Saturday, 22 November 2014

Design Iterations - Face Swap Project

Face swap project - 1

I have decided to create a face swap as my installation for the brief. I have decided to do this because I believe that it is a project that will create an interesting installation at the end as well as it being a project that is attainable with my level of skill within processing. I believe that this project will also show off a number of different media theories such as the idea of a hyper reality and the fact that people are now struggling to distinguish between the real and simulated due to there online lives. This would be shown in this installation because some people are becoming so consumed by their online lives that their online lives are sometimes different to their real life, the idea that they are being someone that they are not. So creating a face swap where the user can essentially become someone else would represent this. 

As I have previously stated that I will be working in a iterative design process I thought that it would wise to create a step by step guide to what will have to be done in order to create this installation. 

1.) The first aspect of this project that will have to be completed is generating a live face detection fed through the camera. 

2.) The second part of this project will be finding a way to store/save the detected faces 

3.) The final part will be finding a way to use the stored faces and swap the faces around. 

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