Friday, 28 November 2014

Design Iterations - Face Swap Project

Face Swap Project - 3 

Following on from the previous blog post (see blog post Face Swap - 2), I have found a library and a piece of code that allows for face detection on still images. Using this piece of code I have been attempting to make it work on live images through adding the video processing library. After sometime of attempting to do this I have not been able to do it. This led me to searching for someone that had. This led me to an amazing github repository from Daniel Shiffman. Within this repository there was an example of a live face detection. 

Looking at the code with Daniel Shiffman had done I was able to see were I was going wrong with my attempt. What I was doing incorrectly was not adding the IF statement if(faces != null) and the FOR loop. This is a key piece of code to the face detection because this is what tells the system to actively look for features of peoples faces and detect them. 

Code for the live face detect

Now that I have a piece of code that actively detects faces in real time I have completed the first stage of this project. The next stage that I need to complete is finding a way for the system to save or store the faces that it detects and then after that has been completed find a way that will allow these saved faces to be called upon and swap over. 

Reference List 

Shiffman, D., 2013. Shiffman-FaceIt. GitHub, Available from: [Accessed 28 November 2014].

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