Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Design Iterations - Face Swap Project

Face Swap Project - 4

Following on from the previous blog post (see blog post Face Swap - 3), I have found a GitHub repository from Daniel Shiffman which has been very helpful in creating a live face detection feed which is need for my project. However as stated in that previous blog post my next goal was to find a way of storing/saving the detected faces. After some research looking for ways to store a face I found my self back at the same GitHub repository. Within the OpenCV folder there is an example called "LiveFaceDetect_SaveImages". Essentially this piece of code does the same thing as the live face detection however when the mouse is pressed it will save an image of everything within the rectangle and that is drawn around the face. It then takes this image and places it within a folder named "faces". 

I believe that this code will be very valuable to me, because if I can find a way of declaring the code to save the image when it sees the face and can then find a way of calling upon these images, then I will have a way of creating the face swap by using the faces and overlying them over the current face position of another person. 

Reference List

Shiffman, D., 2013. Shiffman-FaceIt/LiveFaceDetect_SaveImages. GitHub, Available from: https://github.com/shiffman/Face-It/blob/master/OpenCV/LiveFaceDetect_saveimages/LiveFaceDetect_saveimages.pde [Accessed 2 December 2014].

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