Friday, 5 December 2014

Design Iterations - Face Swap Project

Face Swap Project - 5 

Having found a way of saving faces and storing, thanks to Shiffman's GitHub repository, I have since been experimenting ways to use these stored faces. I first began researching if there was anyway that an image could be saved, placed into a folder and then immediately be called upon again. Unfortunately I was not able to find any examples of people doing. This has made have to find another way of storing the faces because the use of a folder I do not believe to be the answer. 

However looking at Shiffman's code I believe the answer to storing the face is within it. This is because within the below piece of code he is creating a PImage called "cropped". This image has the width and height of the detected face and this is essentially storing whatever is within the rectangle that is drawn around the detected face. I believe that if I can find a way of having each detected face stored within in a different PImage then I would be able to draw upon these detected faces and then create the face swap by simply swapping the the detected faces. 

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