Thursday, 18 December 2014

Design Iterations - Face Tracking Project

Face Tracking Project - 1

As discussed within a previous blog post, I have decided that I will be creating another installation. This installation will be using face detection to track the users location and then either have a circle following drawing in the environment with a particle system, or draw upon the be behaviour attraction work and have the objects within the environment become attracted to the user. I believe the latter will be the more interesting to do and use however the use of a particle system could also be a very interesting route to go do. 

However as both of the projects will involve me having to use face detection and tracking the users movement I have begun to experiment using face tracking. After talking with my lecturer he suggested that the best way would be to map the face and then use the faces x and y co-ordinates to determine the location of where the circle will be draw each frame. 

Above is the code that is being used to track the faces. essentially all code is doing is finding x and y location of the users face and then using this to draw the circle. However if it was left simply width-map(faces[i].width) the installation would not work correctly. This is because if it left like this the camera is opposite. This being if you were to move right, on the screen the circle would move left. To counter act this I had to mirror the camera which means adding the additional code to to the tracking. This means that the user will not become confused when using the installation that the objects are moving in a different way to what they are. 

The above video is a circle following my face through mapping. 

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