Friday, 2 January 2015

Design Iterations - Face Tracking Project

Face Tracking Project - 3

Having completed the user testing for my face tracking project, a number of points have been made. The first is that visually at the moment the project is very dull, so there will need to be a redesign of the circle. I don't like the fact that the circles within the main object are contained with a square shape, due to the way they are coded, because it makes the top and bottom part of the circle look empty Along with that the particle system will also very much be needed. This particle system I think is necessary for this project as it will add another aspect of complexity and visual excitement to the installation which is needed, because as someone who tested my installation said it can get boring quite quickly just moving a circle around. 

In terms of redesigning the main circle I think that the circles within the main object will also look to chaotic once a particle system is introduced to it, so it is likely that these will be removed.

The final aspect that I want to add to this project is to have more than one circle at a time. This is because when testing it there were problems when the system could detect more than one face as it did not know which face it should be tracking. Finding a way of introducing more than one circles and for each circle to follow a designated face will, one, fix the problem of the circle jumping from face to face and not working correctly, and secondly create an installation which can get more people involved.

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