Sunday, 11 January 2015


Using Sound and Light 

In the most recent processing workshop that we have had our lecturer showed as a piece of work that he had created which used sound as a form of interaction. The installation was that he created a number of agents within an environment that would react to increases of sound. As he described it some have been coded so that quieter noises make them "scared" and  disappear and others need louder noises. Along with this in the same lecturer a class mate of mine, Aaron Baker, told me his idea to use light to draw images. 

This has made think, due to the fact that throughout this project I have been focused on purely physical interaction. What I mean by this is a body interacting with the environment. However the fact that people are using over aspects such as sound and light, shows how many ways there are to interact with the environment and an installation. The introduction of other ways of interaction such as sound, I believe would make a very interesting installation because in an age where people have access to systems such as the Xbox Kinect and the Wii, people are becoming accustomed to interacting physically with technology, therefore the introduction of other forms of interaction could very much improve the appeal of an installation. 

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