Monday, 29 September 2014

Design Iterations

Introduction to design iterations 

As I start level I at university one of the first units that we are completing is called "design iterations". In this unit we will be looking at the actual process of designing something from, the bare bones of receiving a brief to the implementation of your solution. Within this unit we will be introduced to many ways of working such as the very business focused "waterfall" method which shows the development stages of design with absolutely no interaction with the client. Along with that we will also be introduced to the more designer focused "whirlpool" method which allows much more interaction with the client and more room to reassess and modify aspects of your design. As designer I would much rather work in the "whirlpool" method as it allows me as designer to gain feedback so that I can create a solution what the client was wanting, however the fact is I will have to learn how to work in the waterfall method as businesses want products made as quickly as possible. 

"Whirlpool" method

"Waterfall" method 
Once the basic layout of this unit was discussed the other aspects of the unit was covered. Within this unit we will be creating an interactive infographic that will be displayed on the screens in Weymouth house. A main point which I have taken from the talk is that this unit and the one that follows has been designed with the intention to give us the skills and the knowledge to work as professional designers

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