Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Blender Evaluation 

Over the past weeks I have been using Blender to increase the work in my portfolio. I believe that this is a piece of software that I have been quite competent using. I set myself to objectives for the use of Blender. One was to create a photorealistic image using blender and the other was to create an animation with the software. One of these I believe that I have achieved. As mentioned in a previous blog post (see blog post dated 22nd March 2014) I had begun to create the realistic image, however I felt that there were parts within the image that could have been improved, such as the lighting, as I felt that the image was still not light enough. The image below is my first attempt at the photorealistic image. 

(First Attempt)

In the second image, which can be seen below, I have slightly increased the lighting in the background to help improve the realism of the image and also changed the camera angle to what I think is a more flattering angle. I was mostly happy with this image, due to the fact that I felt that the lighting and the camera angle was correct, however I wanted to add something else to the image. So I decided that I would add some ice cubes, which in my view would add something else for the viewer to look at and overall complete the image. However this was something that I struggled to make. I used the same method as I used to create the Ice text (see blog post dated 16th March 2014) however I do not believe that this was successful, despite the fact that it does clearly look like a ice cube, I did not feel that it had a sense of realism. 

(Second Attempt)

I decided then to focus on creating realistic ice to go with the image that I had made. The image below is my finished result. I decided that I would use a different method to create the ice cubes, which would involve me having to use the sculpting feature within Blender. I used to feature to begin to take parts of the cube, because I wanted to create the idea that the ice cube was melting and if you look at when a cube melts it doesn't melt just from the bottom, like the ice cube below is, it melts all over. This means that a melting ice cube is never a perfect cube, therefore taking parts away from the cube would help improve the realism of the image. 

(The final image)

Overall I am happy with the final image, as I feel it does have some realism to it. However there are still areas that could be improved, such as adding the very fine details to the ice, such as the cracks and the very little bubbles that are sometimes within them, but these are very fine details. So overall I am happy with how the photo realistic image turned out. However the second part of my goal was to create a short animation that included my logo. This is something that I have not been able to do. I have not been able to do this goal because for reasons un-known to me and people that I have asked I have not be able to import my logo into Blender. I have tried many different ways of importing it, yet none worked. I even attempted to make the logo in Blender however this failed. I am still going to try and make this animation, however I do not see it being finished for some time. But despite the failed goal of making the animation in Blender, I am happy with my performance in Blender and do intend to continue to use the software and make more complicate images. 

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