Monday, 10 March 2014


Photography Evaluation 

Having completed the mini brief of finding all the letters in the alphabet through everyday objects and shapes, and having completed some self-study through creating some panoramas and a time lapse. I am going to stop with photography for the time being, as there are other aspects of this unit that I now need to focus on. 

I have enjoyed doing photography these past weeks and have gained many skills with photography, such as lining pictures up correctly in the 3x3 grid system, ensuring that the lighting is correct and making sure that the correct things are in focus. Overall the best skill that doing photography has given me is to actually look at my environment, because I have found that if you look hard enough, even at everyday objects, you will find art. This is the skill that I believe that you really need to become good at photography, because you may have all the technical skills, but if you do not have the vision for photography then you will never produce amazing pictures. 

Overall I am happy with the pictures and time lapse that I have made, especially with the fact that the only previous experience of photography that I had was with my phone. I also found it quite enjoyable and is something that I may continue when I have less things to focus on, because I believe that if done correctly then some very stunning work can be produced. 

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