Wednesday, 19 March 2014



Yesterday in a workshop, we were introduced to the animation feature within it. I believe that this piece of software is quite simply better than the previous piece of software which I was using to animate, which was Adobe Flash. I personally believe Blender is much better than Flash for animation because of all the features Blender provides its users with that Flash doesn't. I believe that the fact that Blender allows for 3D modelling and the ability for camera tracking means simply, in terms of professional high quality animations that Flash simply can not compete. I also believe that the ability that the software has to track realtime movements is also incredibly exciting because it means that if you were animating a person walking then you pick up the minimal little details, which aids in giving your finished product an incredibly professional feel. Admittedly Flash is a lot easier to use and does allow for 2D animations which Blender does not. However this does not really mean that Flash is

However I have only just been introduced to the animation feature within Blender, so I am not really thinking of making incredibly high quality 3D models and animating them in realistic ways. However this is something that is possible to make using Blender. This can be seen in the video below. It is a free open source 3D animation which was created by the Blender Foundation. For me it is an incredibly inspiring piece of work, because it shows just how far this piece of software can be taken and what can produced with an immense amount of time and skill. 

Obviously I don't have the skill set to even come close to creating something as complex as the above video, however I do want to incorporate some Blender animation into my work. Therefore I am going to create a simple animation, which incorporates my logo and could be used within my website, or any videos that I may make. 

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