Thursday, 6 March 2014


Time Lapse and Panoramic Images 

Over the past few days I have gone out to various places to create some panoramic images and a time lapse. I decided to do this because we had been introduced to the techniques in workshops that we have had over the past few weeks, so I thought that it would be a good idea to go and practise the techniques myself so that I can improve my skills within photography. The equipment that I used was a tripod and a 8 megapixel camera that friend allowed me to borrow. 

When preparing to do these pictures I did have some degree of trouble in deciding where I would go to take them. The first place that I had thought of was a place called constitution hill. It is place that has a great view of Poole town, the key and the hills in the distance. However there was two problems with the place. One problem is that while the scenery on the hill is good there are trees in the way. Which means that if I did use the hill then the panoramic images would have looked weird because most of what the camera would pick up would be the trees. The other problem is that I wanted a place that I could do a time lapse, and because the fundamental requirement for a time lapse to work in my view is some movement, a place where there is very little movement would not be a wise choice. 

After a little more thinking I decided that a good place where I could get both a time lapse and panoramic images would be Poole Park. This is because within the park there is some very nice scenery which would be great for the panoramic images and secondly there is a lot of wildlife. The fact that there is a lot of wildlife means that there would be a lot of movement, which means that I would be able to collect photos for a time lapse. 

(Panoramic images from Poole Park)

(24 Frames per second)

Above you can see the panoramic images and time lapse that I gained from Poole park. The time lapse is at 24 frames per second which is the standard frames per second for videos and other forms of motion pictures. I also created other time lapses and I felt that 10 frames per second also suited it, due to the fact that the speed that it generated suited amount for the effect that I had produced. I had tried lower frame per seconds than 10, however I felt that it became far to slow and looked very boring. I also tried a higher frame per second than 24 however when pushed higher the video became so short, that it was a case if you blinked you would miss it. This taught me a lesson, that I should have stayed there for longer and gained more pictures because I may have been able to produce a time lapse that had a very high frame per second. 

After I had been to Poole Park, I then decided that I wanted a panorama that incorporate both man-made industry and nature. Therefore I decided to go to a place called Hamworthy Park, which is not far from Poole Park. I decided to go there because if you stand in the centre of the park and look one way you can see nature, in the hill and the ocean, but if you look another way you can see industry in sun seekers factory, and the sails of the boats that are harboured. This I felt would make a great panoramic because it would show two very different things in one picture. 

(Panoramic images from Hamworthy Park)

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