Saturday, 8 March 2014

Kinetic Typography


Having finished the Gravity trailer kinetic typography, I am planning on at least making one more. This because, that even though I was not overly happy with what I made, I did have fun making it. Along with that I want to develop my skills using After Affects, because I would like to develop my skills so that I can attempt to try and make something spectacular, like the video below. 

(Created by Youtube user: Henriquemsilva. Video source:

As I was saying, I am planning to make another kinetic typography. The clip/speech that I am going to be using is the end clip of Shawshank Redemption (see below). I will not be doing the entire clip, just a segment, like the Gravity one. I have chosen to do this particular  clip for many different reasons. One is because I feel that Morgan Freeman's speech at the end is not reliant on visual queues, as the Gravity clip was. Because of this I feel that it will be better suited to kinetic typography, due to the fact that the spoken word can do near enough all the work and that the visual movement and animations of the words on the screen will aid it and add another dimension to it. The second reason that I am choosing this clip is that unlike the Gravity one, when the speech is going on, I an imagine what the kinetic typography I am going to make is going to look like. Things such as the colour of background and the size and font of the text are appearing when I am hearing the speech, which means that it is more likely that the kinetic typography that I am going to make for it will be much better. 

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