Friday, 21 March 2014

Portfolio Website

Redone Portfolio Website 

Over the past month I have been re-designing my portfolio website. I have done this in accordance with the feedback that I received from peers and my lecturers. I have also redesigned it in the best way to show the skills set that I currently have. Below are images of my old website against the new website. As you will see there are very few aspects of the old website that has survived. 

(Index Page)
(About Page)
(Portfolio Page)
(Contact Page)
Overall I am happy with how my new portfolio website has turned out, and when compared to my previous one, it is a clear improvement. For the new portfolio website I changed the main colour scheme to bright blue and yellow because I wanted it to contrast the dark changing background that I would have. I felt that this needed to be done for two reasons. The first is that it makes the website look a loot less boring because if you   look at the old web pages there is a lot of white space that just looks boring. The second reason is that I feel implementing a changing background does show some degree of skill and therefore makes the website a lot better to its purpose of promoting me and my work.

The main pages that I believe have been most improved are the about page and the portfolio page. This is because on the old pages they were very boring pages and looked very poor. In the new pages I have added some circle animations that help display information. These are there purely to make the website look more interesting, and to show skill once again. 

There is one aspect of the old website that I did want to incorporate, but couldn't, which was the slide show on the index page. I did want to add the slideshow within the website, however I found that it simply did not fit with the overall theme of the website. 

To conclude I am very happy with the portfolio website that I have made and believe that it is a much better representation of my skills than what the previous was. 


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  2. Wow! The design of your new portfolio website looks bolder and more creative, Liam. Taking the leap to re-design is a great idea. Although the old website looks simpler, the idea of a new look will definitely bring in more followers, as the new look is a lot more pleasing to the eyes. Good job with re-designing. Kudos and more power to you! :)

    Laverne Mitchell @ Digital Sales Development