Saturday, 8 March 2014

Kinetic Typography

Finished Product 

A number of days ago I was set the brief of having to make a 15 second kinetic typography version of the Gravity trailer. Below is what I created. 

Overall I am not very happy with what I managed to make. There are many reasons for this. One I think that what I made is incredibly boring, as unlike some of the examples which is showed in a previous blog post (see blog post dated 4th March). In those videos what the creators had managed to get a sense of dynamism and originality to there work, where as mine is just boring and dull. Another reason, to why I am not overly happy with my work is because I feel that some of the text is out of time with the speech. This means that the overall quality of the production drops, because at the very least with kinetic typography the words that are being said should match the words appearing on the screen. I also feel that the clip that we used did not aid the quality of the product that I have made. This is because the clip that we had was very repetitive and quite chaotic, which did not aid me in begin able to create something which I am proud of. 

However I am not going to be to disheartened with what I have accomplished with this piece of work,  due to the fact that this was the first time I ever used this piece of software. Therefore realistically the expectations I had in my head was never really going to meet the screen, due to the limited skill that I have with this piece of software. I also gained a large amount of experience from creating this kinetic typography, and that experience will stand me in good stead when I try and create something much better than what I have made here. 

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