Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Kinetic Typography

Kinetic Typography Evaluation 

Having been introduced to kinetic typography as a mini brief as a part of the design of digital media environments unit, I believe that this is one of the weakest things I am at doing. Throughout the unit I had said that I intended to create at least 2 or 3 kinetic typographies of various films and songs along with the mini brief one that we had been set which was Gravity. However due to the fact that I hated the first Gravity kinetic typography I had to change the plan to re-creating the Gravity one and making just one more. However once i had re-created the Gravity one, despite the fact that it was an improvement, it was clear that I should focus on improving my skills through tutorials instead of making another kinetic typography. This is something that I have done a little of, however it has slightly taken a back step, due to the fact that since I have been introduced to Blender, I have been focusing on getting better at using that software because it is something that i enjoy more, and believe that I am better at using. This has meant that in regards to kinetic typography I have in my view failed. This is because I have not met one goal that I had set my self for it and the work that I have produced is work that I am not remotely proud of. 

I believe that I do need to improve my skills using After Affects by some great margin, so therefore I am going to make it one of the priority aspects of self study. I do hope to create some kinetic typography in the future that I am proud of. 

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