Monday, 3 March 2014

Portfolio Website

A New Start 

I have recently started recreating my portfolio website. As mentioned in a previous blog post, I would be completely recreating the website from scratch as I felt that there was not really and redemaning qualities to the website. From the old website, only one thing will be remaining, and that is the design for the logo. The logo in terms of design and functionality will be the same as the previous logo, however this logo does have a different colour scheme to the previous one, so that it matches the new colour scheme, which is dark backgrounds and light colours for text and images. 

As mentioned nearly all of the website will be changing. This includes the layout. Previously I had the navigation bar located underneath the logo. In the new design the tab bar is located at the top and to the right of the logo. Although this may seem like a small detail, there is some reasoning to why it has been placed there. One is that through research that I have conducted into other portfolio websites, nearly all of them had the logo and navigation bar laid out as I am planning to. Another reason, is that simply it uses the space better. In the old design there was a lot of empty space, and although I do not want to clutter the site up to much, having a lot of unused space just makes the website look uninteresting. 

Another design change that I will be implementing into the website, is the introduction of changing background. This background will not be to dissimilar to the one that I created in the team channel website. The reason that I have done this is because one of the main criticisms that I received for my previous attempt was that it was boring, so I am hoping that the changing background will add some dynamism to the website, which prevents the user getting bored. I am also hoping that using this method effectively will also show some degree of skill. 

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