Thursday, 2 October 2014

Design Iterations - Poster Brief

Independent Dorset Brief 

Today I was given my first brief of this design iterations unit. This brief is to create a poster which creates awareness of campaign that Dorset should be an independent country which will be places in Weymouth house. For this brief we were placed into small groups of our choosing. 

This brief I believe was set for a number of reasons, one is that it is attempting to make us think about the entire design process. By this I mean it is making us start questioning our own assumptions about who are audience is and how they react. So this means that we are going to have to conduct research into who are audience is and how they do behave. This brief is also going to test us because all of last year we were creating designs that we wanted to make, or in the words of our lecturer "designing for yourselves", when in reality most of the things that we are going to be designing in our careers is going to be other peoples tastes and not ours. Therefore we are going to have to adapt our designs to not what we want them to look like but to how the audience reacts to them. 

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