Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Design Iterations - Poster Brief

Independent Poster Design 

After receiving some feedback on our original ideas for the independent Dorset we decided to scrap the idea of having a puzzle themed idea. We felt that this idea would not really scream to the person that this poster is about an independent Dorset because it would be to dependent on the graphics. 

Through some further research and brainstorming we decided that we would go on a simple colourful design that did essentially scream that the poster was about an independent Dorset. We felt that this would be a good idea because we felt a poster that was colourful and had large text on it would grab the attention of the passers by in Weymouth House and very quickly get the message across. Below are the two posters that we have created. 

We feel that these two posters do meet the brief because they very concisely get the message across that this about an independent Dorset. We also incorporated some landmarks from Dorset such as the Bill Tower and Durdle Door, as we felt that this made it more personal to Dorset people and make them pay more attention to it as it is something that they would recognise. We also used a hashtag to make it seem as this was a real movement and due to the fact that most campaigns do have a hashtag to allow people who are interested to find there movement easier. 

As the brief only asked for one poster we are going to wait for feedback to one see if there is any changes that need to be made and secondly what version is the most preferred.  

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