Monday, 20 October 2014

Design Iterations - Poster Brief


Having completed the poster brief I have gained some very valuable information about the area which I will later be placing an interactive installation within. The first piece of information that I have learned about the area is that it is a very fast moving place where a majority of people are simply moving through and not standing around. This means that any installation that I make will have to be eye catching and interesting to make people want to stay and use it. The second thing that I found out about the area is that people that are sitting around are generally not aware of their surroundings. This is because from observing people in the area, those hat were sitting were either to engaged with a conversation with friends to pay any attention to what was going on in the surroundings or were by themselves and using a phone, tablet, etc. This means that either I will not target the people sitting down with my installation as they are generally involved in other activities or I will have to ensure that my installation does look eye catching and interesting so that they engage with the work. Finally I have also discovered that as it gets closer to the hour mark within Weymouth House the volume of people within it does go up however so does the number of people rushing through the space. This can be seen with our poster as the number of people that were glancing at the poster or taking time to read it did go down in the 5 minutes before and after the hour mark. This leads me to believe that the closer to the hour mark the less people my piece of work will attract, this is simply because the people that are moving through the space have places to go and are therefore not interested in their surroundings. 

From this experience I have gained a sense of how important it is to study the area that you are placing work within, as people simply do not act the way that you would expect them to. This is means that studying the area is key when making any piece of work because you can make an informed decision about what will work within the area and what won't. 

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