Friday, 31 October 2014

Design Iterations - Installation Brief

Installation Brief 

As mentioned in previous posts we have been set a brief to create an interactive installation created through processing that will be placed within Weymouth House. The brief states that the we have to create a piece of interactive information design to be shared in a public space. This piece of information design is meant to convey or example and concept which could be perceived as key to 21st century media experience. The brief does stipulate that the work that is produce can either be a literal piece of information design or we can choose to create a more abstract, artistic, piece. The brief states that we are to use camera based interaction. 

Looking at this brief I am going to have to begin think about media concepts that could make interesting information graphics. Some of these concepts that could work could be the increasing spread and importance of the internet to peoples lives or the idea of a hyper-reality. However these topics maybe hard to convey into a camera based interactive piece.

Ultimately I will spend the next number of weeks looking at different media concepts and find one which can be convey through an interactive information graphic. It is likely that I will be creating a more abstract piece of work, due to the fact that from the poster brief I have found that for something to be noticed within the fast paced area that is weymouth house, that it does have to be very eye catching and interesting. This means that if I go down the more artistic and abstract route I can create something eye catching that will gain attention from the audience. 

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