Thursday, 16 October 2014

Design Iterations - Poster Brief

Independent Dorset Poster

Today we placed our posters in Weymouth House. As mentioned in a previous post we had observed the movements of the people within the area. We had decided that the best place that we could place the poster would be on the pillar on the Costa counter. This is because we felt that out of the entire space this would be the place that would garner the most potential and actual views. This is because when we observed the area the queue that lead up to the place where we wanted to place the poster had people who were generally facing forward and would notice the poster, and the queue at no point stopped, therefore there would be a steady stream of people that would possibly see the poster. However one thing that we had not anticipated was the other people in our group wanting to place the poster in the same place. This meant that when it came to use placing the poster up the place that we had decided as a first choice was taken. This meant that we had to place the posters in another positions. 

The above picture shows where we placed the first of our posters. We had placed the poster on a pillar that was directly facing a set of well used doors. This turned out to be quite a successful place to position our poster because due to the fact that when you exited the doors the peoples eye line was directed straight towards the poster, therefore the poster received a lot of glances. However one thing that we had noticed was that if there was more that 2 or 3 people then none of them would look at the poster, it seemed as if when they were in a group that the people where not concerned with their surroundings and therefore did not really pay any attention towards the poster. 

The above picture shows where we placed the second of our posters. We had placed on the main door, with our reasoning begin that it should get a lot of attention as it will get a large amount of traffic. However this turned out not to be a great place to position our poster. This was due to the fact that like with the pillar if there was a large group of people then no one really payed any attention to the poster. We also had another problem, with that fact that as we had placed the poster on a moving surfaced that when people tried to start reading then the poster would move and they would lose interest in trying to see what information was on the poster. The final problem that we encounter with this position was that because the poster could move there was a case that for large amounts of time, while people were using the doors the poster was out of view. 

Out of the two places that we had positioned the posters the best place was pillar. This was because the poster was not obscured by anything and was direct in the peoples eye line, which meant that matching that with the design of the poster which was eye catching it generated a substantial amount of views. 

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