Thursday, 9 October 2014

Design Iterations - Poster Brief

Poster Decision + Area Research 

Today we presented our two poster designs to the group to gain some feedback on areas that we could improve and what design they actually preferred. We received mostly positive feedback on the posters with people stating that it was clear and straight to the point, which is what we wanted it to be. Other feed back that we received was that the text at the top of the poster could do with begin made slightly bigger, this was due to the fact that people at the back of the room was struggling to read the text. Finally from the feedback that we received, we have decided to use the blue poster. This is due to people saying that they preferred the colour of the blue one and the words that was used on it, was more catchy and memorable. They also said that the imagery that was used on the blue poster matched the words that was being used which made it better than the green one. 
Chosen poster 
Along with receiving feedback on our poster we also conducted some research of the area that we would be placing the poster, to see where would be the best place that we could put it. From observing the area for a while we have found some things. One thing that we have found that people that are sat at the tables in the area are not looking at there surroundings, they are either socialising with friends, eating or drinking and not paying attention or they are on some sort of device. Because of this we feel we not target the people that are siting at the tables because unless we can print of many posters and place them on the tables it is unlikely that they would notice it. An area that we had found that could be of great use in terms of getting our posters seen is on a pillar on the counter of Costa. This is because we observed that people that are in the line are generally looking forward and therefore they would glance at the poster, and once they reach the counter they would notice the poster anyway. We feel that this would be a good place because one it would people in the line would notice it and secondly it would get a new people looking constantly because what we noticed is that the line really never ended, there was someone always waiting to be served. This means that the amount of people that there would be a chance of seeing the poster would be increased. 

From our observations of the area we feel that that the pillar on the stand of Costa would be the best place, however there are other areas that would be appropriate such as the pillar in front of the main doors, as people leaving it would notice it as it is straight in there eye line the moment that they step out of the doors. 

While observing the area we also picked up on something else in terms of the behaviour of the people. This was that as it approached near the hour (when the lectures start) people moved through the space slightly quicker and were more focused, where as in the middle of the hour people were in less of a rush and seemed to notice there surrounding more. Along with this we also found that people that were in large groups were almost oblivious to there surroundings and more concerned their group.

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