Friday, 21 February 2014



In the past few days I have been a set a new brief of having to make to number of different multimedia works, that will be placed within my portfolio. The first of these pieces of work was to create at least one piece of animation, in Adobe Flash, that lasted 15 seconds. There was also the stipulation that the canvas size could only be 22mm x 18mm. This size was set by the lecturers as to limit the amount that we could do and provide us the challenge of having to work with set limits. We also had to add a sound track to the animation. This sound track would be created using Garage Band. 

Below is my animation which I created. I call it flying balls. The idea is that a number of balls will fly around the canvas, and when they hit a side of the canvas or each other, the background and each ball will change colour. This I felt added another dimension to the animation and made it more exciting than just an number of balls flying around. I also designed it so that you would struggle to see when it ends and starts to re-loop. I did this because I felt that for these type of short animations that if they are going to continually loop, then they should loop in some continuous way. 

I believe that there are aspects of this animation that I could improve, such as the music. I like that the music is upbeat, however I do not think that it matches the animation overly, well. I also feel that I could add some sound effects when the balls hit each other or hit the walls. 

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