Saturday, 15 February 2014

Team Channel


Having recently completed the team channel assessment, I feel that it would be wise to look back at the work that has been completed and the way in which me and the other members of the team worked within the project. This will beneficial as I will be able to see areas I can improve in and what parts we did well as a team so that they can be replicated or improved for future tasks like this. 

One area of our team work that I felt went well is the fact that within the first meeting we had organised our rolls quite clearly within the team. This meant that there was no confusion within the team at who was responsible for what and beneficial to the individual as each person would know what area of the project they would be responsible for. Along with another area of our team work that went well and aided in us begin able to work efficiently was the fact that the communication within the team was very good and constant. This meant that as a team we were able to easily organise team meetings and ensure that everyone within the group knew what stage the project was at. This communication was also vital due to the fact that it allowed members of the group to inform the others where they were in there specific tasks, which meant that if they had fallen behind then there would be no last minute rush, as everyone already knew and a solution would have been made. 

Although I believe that some of our team work within the project was generally good there was some aspects that of our performance that affected the overall quality of the finished product. One of these aspects was our naivety. Although this should improve as we become more experienced, the fact that we were naive and did not really begin to plan how we would create the videos, meant that we was not able to complete the six videos as we had previously planned. This naivety also affected the finished videos because we did not really get as much footage as we would have liked for each video, meaning that instead of having four videos of at least 1 minute long, we had four videos that had an average viewing time of 40 seconds. Therefore this is something that could be improved in the future assessments such as this, by ensuring that a clear plan for each video is created and we know before we begin filming what exactly we will be filming and what we will actually need to film with. I say that we have a clear plan of what we need to film with, because within the filming of the videos we had forgot to order two tie clip microphones. meaning that each scene had to be shot twice with each actor wearing it, so that we could get audio quality. 

Another aspect that I would improve is a personal improvement. This improvement is that I would not leave making the website for any project so late in the future. Although this is not entirely my fault, as I was waiting for the designs of the website from the person in charge of graphics, I should have tried to push them along to get the designs quicker. This is because in not pushing the person to get me the designs earlier, meant I had much less time than what I would have liked to create the website, which put me under pressure and ultimately meant that the finished product that I produced was of a lower standard than what I would have liked. In future projects I will ensure that if my part in the project is reliant on other people then I will try and get them to do there part quicker. 

However despite there being some negatives to our performance I believe that the project has been a success and many lessons can be learned from it. I especially found the entire film production, which is something that I had not done before, was a good experience can gave me a good insight in video and audio production. Along with that I have also been able to improve my HTML5 and CSS skills in using a techniques when creating the website. 

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