Thursday, 27 February 2014


Photographic Alphabet 

Two days ago me and the other members of the group were set a photography task, of having to take picture of objects that create letters. We were set this task to help us develop are awareness and vision, as you need these traits when looking for the letters, and more importantly need these traits in photography as a whole. 

We were allowed to work in pairs for this task. I worked with Jake Fisher. Together we walked around the streets of Bournemouth and around the university campus to find everyday objects that on closer inspection create letters. Below is the letters that we have so far. 







As you can see, we have not yet completed the alphabet, although we believe that we will complete it by the end of the week. We are reasonably happy with some of the letters that we have been able to find, however we have found that finding letters such as G, Q and J is incredibly difficult. 

We both do intend to use this images within our work. We firstly want to use the images to create a typography of our names, that we can then put into both our blogs and portfolio websites. We have also discussed the idea of using the images as a website plug in, which would allow people to write a word/phase in to a form and the website would generate the word/phase out of the alphabet images. We feel that this would be a good effective way of using these images, and also displays a good amount of skill.     

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