Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Flash Brief 

Today I have been set the mini task of creating a 15 second animation with a sound track using Adobe Flash and Garageband. They stated that they were looking for a piece of clever abstract animation art and that the size of the canvas should not exceed 22mm by 16mm. I believe that the overall idea of the task is to improve our knowledge of animation and too make us aware of how we use our canvas area, because in the project we do not have a large canvas to work with, meaning that we are going to have to be clever with how we use the area. 

I am looking forward to this brief, because it will allow me to try something which I have not done before, which his music production. Unlike the use of Adobe Flash, I have absolutely no experience in music production and have never heard of Garageband. So I am looking forward to trying a new piece of software and increasing my skill set. However I am not overly looking forward to having to use Adobe Flash, as this is a piece of software which I have used for many years and is a piece of software which I am comfortable using and I do not believe I will gain much experience into animation through this brief because I will be doing something which I have already done. 

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