Saturday, 22 February 2014


Spinoscope Brief and completion 

Along with being given Flash animation to do, we were also tasked with the project of having to create a simple 12 frame spinoscope animation. Due to the lack of frames that I would be able to use I ensured that I would do something simple, such as the moving horse, as seen below. 

I decided that as this would be very a simple animation, I would hand-draw the frames, because that is how traditionally animation would be done. I also felt me hand drawing each frame would in a way improve my understanding of animation, and how subtle changes each frame changes creates an animation effect. 

I did have many ideas for this, such as ball bouncing up and down and a person walking, however the idea that I cam up with was a simple colour changing in different circles, each frame. I chose this idea because I felt that it did met the brief perfectly of a simple 12 frame spinoscope, which does show an understanding of animation. 

Above is my, finished spinoscope. I am happy with how it turned out, mainly because it does met the brief of having to be a simple 12 frame, animation. I am also happy because this could easily be placed on a loop and there should be no indication when it starts and when it ends, and in my view for something as simple as this, that is an important feature. 

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