Sunday, 23 February 2014

Spinoscope - Summary

Spinoscope Evaluation 

Overall found this project very interesting, due to the fact that it tought us the principles and the origins of animation. However I did also find this project very easy, and did not find it a challenge to be able to create a working spinoscope because it is something that I had done previously. Although when I had done it before, I had not hand drawn the frames, and for some reason I felt that the hand drawing the frames did give me a greater understanding of how animation in principle does work and how hard it is to truly master. 

However I am unlikely to continue this type of project in the future as I feel that as far as simple spinoscopes I have already achieved all that I can achieve from it. This is because due to my limited drawing ability I will not be able to create more complicated hand drawn ones, and if I were to do it on the computer, with software such as Flash, it is very unlikely that I would be produce a simple spinoscope. I also feel that even if I were to attempt to create hand drawn spinoscopes, then the likely hood is that the amount of time that I would put into making a more complicated one would not really be sufficient to the amount of effort that has been put in. 

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